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Mulch Installation

Benchmark Companies is first and foremost a bulk wholesaler of landscape mulches.

wood recycling nashvilleDirect sales to garden centers, landscape contractors, playground installers, builders, construction firms, and government entities are some of the present day activities for our company.

We would be pleased to service your requirements as far as bulk delivery of mulch; however, our service limitations do not stop there. We would be delighted to be able to assist you with application of mulches with our pneumatic mulch blower trucks.

In a nutshell, we take the hard work out of landscaping the old way by using mulch blower trucks that can blow all types of landscape mulches. This alternative application method takes a fraction of the time than that of the traditional choice of landscape contractors, the wheel barrow and shovel method.

wood recycling nashvilleOur state of the art blower trucks can install a yard of material in as little as 1 minute. That’s fast. Generally, a landscape contractor applies by hand 1 yard of mulch per man hour worked.

What would take a 3 man crew a whole day to spread, we can achieve in just one hour. It’s not just the speed of using our mulch blower service that will blow you away:

Some of our Mulch Installation Service Advantages:

  • Save on material costs by dealing directly with the manufacturer. A typical landscape contractor’s mulch installation rate is between $50 and $70 per yard; whereas, mulches using our blower services are installed between $35 and $45 per yard depending on your mulch material selection.
  • Amass even more savings by limiting material usage. The use of a blower truck to install landscape mulches typically saves 10 to 15% of material over hand applied mulch. For instance: On an average 50 yard property, mulch savings can be 5 yards @ the average $55 per yard installed price. That’s savings of $275 on material costs for that one property alone.
  • Select the quality of mulch YOU would like to use. There are many mulches at varying qualities sold in the Nashville Metro area. Using our mulch blower service guarantees that the mulch material selected is of consistent, high quality for all your properties.
  • Complete mulch projects significantly quicker. An install job that may take a landscape contractor multiple days to finish can be completed in a single day with minimal inconvenience to homeowners, customers, or clients.
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