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Municipality Services

We serve municipalities across Tennessee, Northern Alabama, and Southern Kentucky providing expert yard waste consulting, intake, processing, and recycling of organic materials. Municipal customers have come to rely on our industry-leading best practices and customized clean, green solutions for proficiently handling yard, wood, and storm debris materials.

Benchmark Companies, municipality servicesOur experts can advise and adapt the process according to state and local mandates, providing cost-efficient, effective, and environmentally sensitive solutions.

Personalized services range from fully staffed on-site management and processing—intake, grinding, screening, and recycling—to periodic, scheduled, or on-call mobile grinding and hauling.

Our convenient recycling facilities grind, screen, and recycle organic materials into earth-friendly soil products, clean mulch, biomass fuel, and landfill cover amendment.

Personalized services range from:

  • Fully staffed on-site management and processing—intake
  • Grinding
  • Screening, and recycling
  • Periodic, scheduled, or on-call mobile grinding
  • Hauling

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