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Shredded Hardwood Mulch:

wood recycling nashvilleBenchmark’s double shredded mulch is comprised of the bark from a variety of Tennessee hardwood species. This 100 percent bark product is a high binding, finely shredded material that offers maximum wind and erosion resistance. Not only does his hardwood product have ideal characteristics to be used for slopes and steep banks, but also looks excellent around your home, office, or commercial building.

“As the operations manager for one of the largest mulch blowing companies in the area, I need streamlined and efficient operations. When blowing the mulch from Benchmark, our trucks can move significantly faster than when blowing products from most other companies. The material spreads so easily that it has virtually eliminated a man that we had allocated to hand smoothing and clean up on each job site.”

Majestic Black Bark Mulch:

wood recycling nashvilleBenchmark’s dyed black mulch is simply our Shredded Hardwood Mulch with the one distinct variation that it has been methodically processed and colored a deep, rich….almost MAJESTIC….black color.

Color vividness and durability are essential for all mulches, and because of the stand that Benchmark takes to use only high quality, pure bark raw materials, there won’t be the “instant” graying upon application that is normally associated with most black mulches.

Cherry Brown Mulch:

wood recycling nashvilleBenchmarks Cherry Brown mulch is comprised of a mixture of kiln-dried and virgin hardwood chips. The wood chips give added weight to the material which prevents it from washing out or blowing away, while the dried material is included in the material for its durability and color fastness.

“…Rarely does mulch become the focal point of a landscaping project. In the past I cannot recall ever receiving any comments on how well the mulch beds look. That speaks miles for the product…The color retention and decomposition rates are simply unbelievable. People argue with me when I say that it has been down for almost a year now. They think we just got it. [This] product is incredible.” Russ Hensley – Director of Operations, Cousins Properties Inc.

Shredded Pine Bark Mulch:

wood recycling nashvilleBenchmark’s Pine Bark Mulch is the bark only from pine trees. The bark is chopped up and screened producing the different types of products from the Pine Bark. Pine bark is an excellent mulch to use.

This reddish brown mulch doesn’t compact like most mulches and holds up significantly longer. Pine is also an excellent soil conditioner. It's great for loosening up heavy soils and because of its acidity, it promotes root growth and is great for your acid loving plants.

Pine Bark Fines:

wood recycling nashvilleBenchmark’s Pine Bark Fines are a byproduct in the production of our Pine Bark Mulches. This finely textured product is consistently effective when used as a potting media and soil conditioner.

The composted bark fines provide many nutrient and bacterial benefits.

Certified Playground Mulch:

Benchmark’s high quality, loose fill, wood Playground Mulch (engineered wood fiber) is a 100% natural product and contains no chemicals or artificial ingredients. It is made from recently harvested and debarked Tennessee hardwood, free of soils, leaves, twigs and other contaminates which hasten decomposition. Chips are randomly sized and contain no waste wood or pallets. This product is a perfect complement to a natural playground and is extremely cost effective in maintenance and upkeep of appropriate depths.

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